21 Plants that are Easy to Grow and Sell Like Crazy


The following 21 plants are really easy to grow and they sell like hot cakes.  They always have been really good sellers and they always will be really good sellers.  And this list is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to plants that you can grow and sell that people want to buy.

1. Forsythia

2. Red Weigela

3. Varigated Weigela

4. Pink Flowering Weigela

5. Red Twig Dogwood

6. Fragrant Viburnums

7. All Flowering Viburnums

8. Potentilla

9. Dappled Willow

10. Pussy Willow

11. Daylillies

12. Hosta

13. Huchera

14.  All kinds of Perennials

15. Armeria

16. Boxwood

17. Japanese Hollies

18. English Hollies

19. Rhododendrons

20. PJM Dwarf Rhododendron

21. Hydrangeas

22.  Rose of Sharon

23. Dwarf Alberta Spruce

24. White Dogwood trees

25. Chinese Dogwoods

26. Blue Rug Juniper

27. Gold Flame Spirea

28. Gold Mound Spirea

29. Ornamental Grasses of all kinds

30. Crimson Pygmy Barberry

31. Rosy Glow Barberry

Okay, that's 31 and I could go on forever.  

Buy them for $1.00 or less.

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