You Can Grow Small Plants in Your Backyard and Earn Thousands of Dollars Right from Home!

"I sold $3,421. worth of small plants from my backyard in one day!"

We sold $25,879. worth of Plants from Home in 4 weeks!

I'll show you how I do it.  It's a blast!

Hi there, I'm Mike McGroarty
and I am going to take you on a tour
of the fun and exciting Backyard 
Nursery Business. 

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Have you ever wished that you could find a way to make some extra money at home?

 Does earning this kind of money at home working with plants sound impossible?  

It's not.   I'll show you how you can earn fantastic money growing small plants at home.  My plants netted me thousands of dollars, and I'd like to share my growing and selling techniques with you.

You can get started with almost no money at all, in a very small area of your yard.  This is one of the easiest home based businesses there is to start.

In order to make money with this super easy backyard business you only need to know two things:  

1.  How to grow thousands of plants.

2.  And how to find people who will buy the plants you grow.  

I will teach you both.

Growing landscape plants is much easier than you think.  It costs me just pennies to grow my plants, and I've sold thousands and thousands of them at $4.97 each!

I still can't believe how well this works.  I started this as kind of a dumb idea, thinking I could probably sell a few plants.  Never did I think they would sell they way they do.  It completely boggles my mind when I think about it.

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Hey!  I got an idea!

Why don't you check out one of my
plants sales and see it with your own eyes?

Make money growing small plants at home.
Mine have earned thousands!

We sold over $25,000. worth of our 
little plants right from our driveway in a
 matter of about six weeks!

Getting started in this home based business is really easy.  All you have to do is start rooting cuttings of your favorite plants (I'll show you how to do that), and you are off and running.  Any time you have a few extra minutes just stick a few cuttings.  Before you know it you will have thousands of plants valued at several thousand dollars.

I taught my friend Larry this business, and every time he had a little time he made some cuttings and stuck them just like I taught him.  Before long his backyard was packed full of saleable plants.  I bought almost $4,000. worth of plants from him, doubled the price, and sold them at my plant sale.

The wholesale market for nursery stock is huge, and many items are in great
demand.  I'll show you how to grow exclusively for the wholesale market.
When you sell plants wholesale you only need a few customers and they'll
buy thousands of dollars worth of plants from you.

You see, not only do I grow and sell plants, but some times I buy plants from other growers and resell them at a very nice profit.  I'll teach you how to do that too.  

You will also discover how to root cuttings easily, and how to sell them immediately to wholesale nurseries, or grow them on and sell them to retail customers for even more money.  I will share all of my secrets with you.     

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from Ray in North Carolina

Hi Mike. 

I have your videos and manuals. We built our own intermittent mist system, and potted up 1100 plants!!!! WOW!  

It's amazing how sturdily rooted most plants are in 4 weeks time. We've already reluctantly sold some plants, since we thought they were so small, but the buyers insisted on avoiding the wait until Spring. 

Currently, we have 800 sitting in our cold
frames , as per your direction, and are looking forward to this Spring.

Thanks for helping me bridge between careers as I seek to spend more time with my 8 year old son and attend his school events!!!!

Best wishes to you, your family!

 Tammy J. and family

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Growing small plants in your backyard is one of the most rewarding things you will ever do in your life.  Not to mention the money you can make.

In the above photo I am working with some of our $4.97 plants.  I love working with these little plants.  It's a relaxing and rewarding way to spend your spare time.

Can you make any money selling plants at $4.97 each?  

Yes you can!!!  

Our cost to produce a $4.97 plant is about 30�, and that includes a plastic container and potting soil.  That means that for every 100 plants you grow and sell you get to keep $472.00.   And for every 1,000 plants you grow and sell you get to keep $4,720.00!!!

We sold over $25,000. worth of our 
little plants right from our driveway in a
 matter of about six weeks!

And every single plant was priced at just $4.97!

Of course since it costs us less than 30� to grow a plant, most of that money is pure profit!

Click here to see one of our plant sales,
and photos of our backyard nursery.

You don't need much room to start a backyard nursery.  In an area 4 feet by 8 feet you can easily grow 100 plants.  Just imagine how many you can grow in an area 40' by 50'.

"I recently bought your manual "How to Start Your Own Backyard Nursery".  I was shocked at all the really good information that was in it.  It was worth every penny!  Thanks, it's a great manual! -Bradley

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Starting your own backyard nursery is very easy, and you don't have to make a serious commitment.  Just start out slow, and as you go along you will become more comfortable with the idea.  If you change your mind you can give the plants to friends or family, or donate them to a charity auction, which is also very rewarding.

Hey Mike, What about my local zoning?

You can make a lot of money growing and selling small plants!  I'll teach you everything I know about this business.  I've created an E-book that reveals every money making technique that I know.  This E-book is worth it's weight in gold, and I'll tell you why.  It comes with a number of free bonus reports that I have been selling for years, but I decided to give them away free with my Backyard Nursery E-book.


I saw your article published in Mother Earth News. I saw it on the news stand in my local Wal-Mart, bought it and took it home to read.

mike_holding_mother_earth_news.jpg (27887 bytes)
Our little backyard nursery was featured on 
the cover of the Oct./Nov. 2000 issue of 
Mother Earth News Magazine!

As soon as I finished that I went right to the website, studied it, and have since bought the book, 2 reports and a video. I have been lurking on the forum ever since.

Today I now have 2, 8x4 foot sand filled propagation beds, about 2,000 plants in 2 quart containers.  I have two beds holding over 500 plants 6" apart directly in the ground. 

I don't have much in my landscape to take cuttings from, but I found that several local businesses are tickled pink to get a free hedge clipping job provided
nobody else is allowed to touch their landscape plants! The word is getting out, so I'm actually turning down free trimming jobs because I can't keep up in the potting department with all the rooted cuttings. 


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Mike's Backyard Growing System!

Click here to see one of our plant sales,
and photos of our backyard nursery.

We recently received your videos, book, and manual.  We just watched one of the videos and we loved it.  Thank you for the great info.  We are very anxious to get started.  You are a fountain of information.  I only wished you lived closer!  Thanks, Mike!" -Marsha Beebe

Just growing a few plants to give away will give you an idea of how strong the market is for small landscape plants.  Once you give your friends and family a few plants they will come back asking to buy more.  Before you know it you will have a list of regular customers, begging you to take their money.

Or if you're like me, you'll just dive right in and start growing quantities of plants right off the bat, and selling them to willing buyers.  

"Received your book today.  Read your report and book, and watched your two videos.  EXCELLENT and down to earth!!!!  Very simple and uncomplicatedly explained.    

Thanks for a new insight.  -Paul Gregus

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I'll let you in on a little secret.

The market for landscape plants is huge.  Even small landscape plants.

Here in Perry, Ohio we have over 100 large wholesale nurseries, with many of them selling millions of dollars worth of plants each year.  

Yes I said millions of dollars!

Some of these nurseries farm over 600 acres, with sales in the millions of dollars annually!  That's a lot of plants.  

Yet, little ole Mike right in the middle of all these big nurseries, with a nursery of only 1/20 of one acre.  That's tiny!  (that's an area about 45' by 50')

In the spring we'd have people waiting in line to buy my plants.  We've sold thousands of dollars worth of plants each spring right from our driveway.  Selling the plants is easy, and growing them is fun.


One day as I was surfing along.  I saw a site called   I found you and all your down to earth wisdom.  I had been kicking the idea of a small nursery around for over a year.  So I bought your book. Read it.  And read parts of it (out loud) to my husband and son.  

You gave me the inspiration to try.  I

So I just wanted to say thank you!  And let you know that when I would get nervous or think it wouldn't work about that time I would get a message from you and I would think it was worth a try.  Know what I did with part of my profit?  Bought more dirt!   And a weeping red split leaf Japanese maple about 3 1/2 foot tall so eventually I can show people this beautiful tree in my yard! 
Thanks again Mike!
The Nash Family 

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Words can not describe what it is like to have your own backyard nursery.  When people visit our nursery they are completely in awe of what we do.  Most are impressed, some are envious, but they are all very appreciative.  

Click here to see one of our plant sales,
and photos of our backyard nursery.

They are like kids in a candy store, grabbing plant after plant, delighted to buy such beautiful plants for such a low price.  Then they come back year after year just raving over how well our plants grew.  It just doesn't get any better than that.

"I have read your reports and your book.  They are great!  You have perfected what I have been planning and trying to tell my husband for over a year.  Now I have proof to show him that it will work.  Thanks so much for all your great information!"  -Beth O'Neal  

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I'd love to teach you everything I know about this business.  It is so much easier than you think.  Of course you don't have to do retail sales from home.  You can sell wholesale to garden centers and other nurseries, or you can sell your plants via mail order.  

You can grow small plants and sell 
them on the internet!

You can just grow rooted cuttings and sell them to other growers.  The market for rooted cuttings is great.  Many large growers can't keep up with the demand, so they buy thousands and thousands of rooted cuttings from other growers.  You just have to know what they are looking for.

I called a wholesale grower to buy some rooted cuttings of a fragrant Viburnum and they told me that they were completely sold out for this year, and all of the fragrant Viburnum cuttings that they intend to grow next year are also already spoken for, but if I'd like they could put me on the waiting list for two years from now!  Can you believe that?  They've already sold something like 120,000 plants that they haven't even grown yet, at a little over a dollar each!!!

When I heard that, I did two things.  First, I placed an advanced order for 1,500 fragrant Viburnum cuttings for two years from now.  And I then asked him how many of these cuttings they had sold this year.  He said 60,000!  

This is an incredible business!

I took this photo in early April, and by Memorial
Day we had sold $12,000. worth of our little
$4.97 plants right from our driveway.

The next year we sold over $25,000. worth of plants all at $4.97.

Click here to see one of our plant sales,
and photos of our backyard nursery.

Of course as I mentioned earlier, you can sell your plants wholesale and not have the hassle of people coming to your house.  Or you can sell them at the Farmer's Market.  A lot of my customers sell at Farmer's Markets.

I will show you how to find cash buyers for thousands and thousands of rooted cuttings.  Selling rooted cuttings is a breeze because you can pack several hundred or one thousand in box and ship them anywhere in the country.

Of course fragrant Viburnums are not the only rooted cuttings that are in demand.  All varieties of flowering shrubs as well as Rhododendrons, Azaleas, and all kinds of evergreens sell really well.  You can even sell your plants on the internet, and you don't even need a website.  

I will share with you a secret that I have for selling thousands of dollars worth of landscape plants.  Very few people are aware of this powerful plant selling technique, but boy oh boy does it work!

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Mike's Backyard Growing System!

Our plants sold so well that we were actually scrounging through the plants that we considered un-saleable because the people bought everything else, and they just kept coming back for more.

I'm telling you, this is a great home business.

As I mentioned above, we grow our plants in small containers and sell them for $4.97 each.  Our cost to grow a plant is less than 30�.  But I have also grown thousands of plants that sold for much more.  At one time I was growing Dogwoods in the field and I had wholesale nurseries begging to buy them.  I sold every one I had and they wanted more.

I've also sold a ton of Dogwoods to my retail customers for $49.00 each!

Click here to see one of our plant sales,
and photos of our backyard nursery.

In the series of photos below I am going to show you step by step how easy it is to produce a saleable landscape plant.  

wpe46813.gif (69816 bytes)

In the above photo we are taking a cutting of Variegated Weigela.  This plant is easy to propagate, easy to grow, and sells like crazy because of it's beautiful pinkish white flowers.  Of course when we make cuttings we do thousands at time, so the time it takes to actually take a cutting is around 2-3 seconds.


Preparing the cutting is as simple as stripping the leaves from the bottom two thirds of the stem.  This only takes 2-3 seconds to pick up the cutting, strip the leaves and lay it back down.

Dip Cuttings 

We dip the cuttings in a rooting compound to induce root growth.  It's a five second dip, but we dip twenty of more cuttings at time, so the actual time per cutting is less than one second.


In a 12" by 15" plastic flat filled with course sand we can stick approximately 130 cuttings.  There is no special technique to sticking the cuttings in the sand.  Just make a slit in the sand with a putty knife so they slide in easily, and stick them in.  The time?  About 2-3 seconds per cutting.  Place the flats under intermittent mist, and presto . . . in a 4 to 6 weeks many varieties are fully rooted and ready to transplant if you like, or you can just leave them in the flats until you're ready to transplant them.


Isn't this a pretty site?  I'm not sure what it is about pulling a cutting out of the sand and seeing it rooted like the one above, but there is tremendous satisfaction that only a gardener can appreciate.  It's also addicting.  Once you know how easy it is, you just keep rooting more and more cuttings.


Getting your rooted cutting into the pot will only take a minute or so.  From there we place it in the nursery, trim it once during the summer, and by fall it has completely filled out and is a saleable plant.  Or course it requires watering, and we pull a few weeds, but I've got secret weed control formulas that I will share with you.

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By now I know what you must be asking.  

"Can anybody really do this?  Come on Mike, there must be something that you are not telling me".  

Click here to see one of our plant sales,
and photos of our backyard nursery.

It really is easy once you learn a few simple plant propagation techniques.


Both of my kids have been propagating plants since they were 4 or 5 years old.  They have both grown and sold plants of their own at a profit.  In the above photo Kevin is displaying a Golden Vicary Privet that he grew himself from a cutting and sold this spring for $4.00.

This is a great way to interact with your children.  You can teach them skills that will benefit them throughout their life.  Most of all you can teach them the wonder of nature, and how a little work today can yield spectacular results down the road.  You can also teach them the art of entrepreneurship without risk.


Now comes the fun part, having someone come along and happily hand you $4.97 for a plant that was nothing more than a cutting a few months earlier.  Of course some plants take longer to produce than others, but no matter how you slice it, they all sell for cash money.  And of course you can also sell more expensive plants, like Japanese Maples.  There's big money in Japanese Maples, and they are actually quite easy to grow.


In the above photo I'm kneeling in a bed of Japanese Maples that were grown from seed.  You can buy Japanese Red Maple seeds and grow them yourself, or you can buy small seedlings.  I usually buy the seedlings, it cuts down on the production time considerably.  The Japanese Maples in the above photo I bought from another grower for 54� each.  I sold many of those plants for $45.00, and my customers begged me for more when they were gone.  I will show you how to grow them, and how to buy them at super low prices.

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