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Hi there!  I'm Mike McGroarty.

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Dear, dirt under your nails gardening friend, welcome to my humble gardening website!

I am passionate about plants, soil and everything that has to do with gardening.  I promise to teach you things that will make you a better gardener, and I'd like to start by giving you the FREE Gardening Gifts shown on the left.

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Without a doubt, gardening is my life.  I have been intimately involved with gardening on a daily basis since 1972 and I love to share what I know with others.  I sincerely hope you take a few minutes to poke around in my website.  It is a labor of love.

My website is about all kinds of gardening, but what I really love to teach people is the art of reproducing plants from cuttings, seeds, or grafting.  But I also have all kinds of other crazy things on my site like "how to ball and burlap dig a plant".  Where else can you learn a skill like that?  Come on in and join the fun! 

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