Backyard Nursery owner Jill from Russiaville, Indiana

My backyard  nursery started in the Spring of 2007. I started the gardens by buying stock plants that I could take cuttings from. Now I have thousands of cuttings . 

The backyard nursery message board has been a God send to me

The info that is there is essential to this business.  The people have been kind and helpful. By summer I had my mist system up and running. All of my cuttings have rooted and are on there way to be the plants that I will sell in the early Spring 2008. I am still watering many of the plants that I have in a back room of the house under grow lights. The heat in that room is about 65 degrees. Perfect for the tender plantings. 

Mike, the info that you have sent me has been most helpful. It helped me with my grafting of trees, what to do when, what plants to buy and many other helpful suggestions. I have some plants outside that are cover with snow as a an insulator. My trees have all gone dormant.  I will cut my grasses in the early Spring 2008. I have zebra, blue and Purple grasses. I bought one plants of each and got many, many plants from that one plant. They were flourishing by summers end. I have been very pleased with all that I have accomplished in my backyard nursery since Spring. 

Even though it is cold outside, I still take care to do something every day.  Recently, I took all of the plant info from all of the plants I have purchased and typed up the description of them. I then secured a picture of each plant. I purchased removable laminating paper and sealed the plant info with the picture. I punched a hole in the corner and will hang that on the plant for my sale in the Spring. 

For $20.00 a man dug the sod off of a large section of the backyard.  That was done just before it got cold. It will be a project for me in the Spring. I will pour all of my compost into a section of it where I will need to plant in the ground. I will install native wood as barriers where I need them. We have a sawmill up the road from us.  They are very helpful and will even cut the wood to my specifications. I am excited about next Spring which is just a few months away so I can continue building my backyard nursery.

 Jill W.
Russiaville, Indiana

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