Backyard Nursery owner Sunshine Mike 
from Fort Pierce, Florida

Mike, this is what the Backyard Nursery Message Board has done for my life... Thanks a MILLION.

Here's my story: 

Hello, I would like to introduce myself to you, my name is “sunshine” Mike S., and I live in Ft. Pierce, Florida. About 3 years ago, I had my first major health incident, my heart decided to let me know that things were not too good in that area. Back then, I was told it was time to leave the automobile industry that I had been in for over 30 years. Stress, is a very strong opponent, and after having another episode and further surgery last February, (while I was still in my chosen profession). My family and doctors convinced me to give up the business that I had built for the last 11 years. We sold out quickly (and cheaply) and I sat home for 4 months recuperating and GOING STIR CRAZY.

I found Mike’s website- and immediately I was hooked. Every day I was on that site and learned so much. The open forum had loads of questions and answers to things I had not even thought of yet.  I read, re-read and read again Mike’s how to sections and proceeded to try my hand at propagating. Armed with three fish tanks I made cuttings from all the plants in my yard, and wouldn’t you know it…. Most of them started growing roots. I felt like a Junkie…. I wanted more and more… 

Once I became a permanent member, I made the decision that I would supplement my income and became a real “BACKYARD NURSERY “. I have found a family of people all across the country that actually try to help each other, and share thoughts, ideas and dreams together.

My first real sale was to a landscaper in the area that bought $7000.00 worth of plants.

I can’t believe that what I have enjoyed doing all my life as a hobby can be, not only enjoyable and therapeutic (stress-free) but VERY PROFITABLE!!!!

Mike’s Backyard Nursery Growing System and the Message Board that comes with it have paid for themselves repeatedly in just a few short months. I am out in my nursery everyday doing something to put a little sunshine into my future. 

If I never made another dollar in my backyard nursery, I don’t think I would do anything differently. I love the idea that I can ask any question about plants or the nursery business, and I’ll get answers from many people and Mike himself. Talk about hands on training… I am getting it every day !!

Thanks again Mike!

"sunshine" Mike S
Fort Pierce, Florida

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