Backyard Nursery Owner Tiona from Abbeville, Louisiana

My name is Tiona and I'm from Abbeville, Louisiana. 

In 2004 my husband and I sold our flower shop so that I could stay home with the children. I always worked prior to this and was a little lost at first.  Almost immediately I started praying for God to show me a way I could make money at home. Between home schooling and a new baby that proved to be more difficult than I imagined. 

After a few attempts at getting no where fast I started researching vegetable seeds for my garden( I love my garden). As God is always faithful I stumbled upon Mike's website. I love to get my hands dirty and love to be outside. The idea that I could combine this with growing plants for money was unbelievable at first. As time went on I purchased the Backyard Nursery Growing System and joined the Growers Board. 

They have been such a blessing for me.  There is an abundance of general information about plants as well as answers to specific problems you may have. I am moving very slowly and enjoying every minute. I can't wait to start selling.  Mike's talents and gifts are shared with all who desire to take part. And for this, I am truly grateful. 

God's Blessings to all,

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