Backyard Nursery Owner Andy from Waldoboro, Maine

Winter Gardening in Maine!
Believe it or not, little tiny rooted cuttings planted
in a bed can spend the entire winter covered in snow
and still be perfect healthy come spring.  It truly is
amazing to see how resilient they really are.

Hi Folks, 
A few comments about Mike's Backyard Nursery system, which I bought in early 2007. 
Although I have only had access to Mike's system, and more importantly his Growers Message board, for a year I have already put it to good use, and have started to make money from it. Come spring I will be selling twice a week at a local farmers market, in addition to the local people who call me up for plants. 

If I was to point out three things that I find have been particularly helpful, the first is just access to information that is kept away from regular gardeners. The plant industry does not want people to know how to buy gardening stuff at wholesale prices, whether it is pots, plants, soil or tools they want you paying retail prices. 

Mike shows you how to look for the deals that regular gardeners will NEVER find, and he tells you the secrets of presenting yourself to trade professionals as one of them. He tells you what you should be talking about and perhaps more importantly what NOT to say, because it is what you don't talk about that presents you as a "member" of the trade, and being a member gives you access to prices that you would never imagine as an ordinary gardener.

Secondly Mike shows you how to do stuff the easy tried and tested way that plant growers have used, and have kept very quiet for many years. He does not sell fancy tools, or recommend machines that cost thousands of dollars, what he does do is give you the information to enable you to grow plants, thousands of plants, for very little initial output.

The third, and perhaps the most important thing Mike sells is his message board, which is like a living , breathing encyclopedia of what to do to build your own backyard nursery. It is access to a whole bunch of growers, as well as Mike himself, in an easy to use format, that will allow you to put questions to people who have started their own nurseries.

In short I bought Mikes system a year ago, but I found his webpage three years ago, and I put off buying the system! If I could only move the clock back three years!! I am VERY glad I spent my money with Mike, and I only wish I had done it years ago.

Thanks Mike, I could not think of a better gardening mentor. 

Waldoboro, Maine.

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