Backyard Nursery owners, Chuck and Ruth
from Fawn Grove, Pennsylvania

Chuck and Ruth


Since I was a young man and worked at a nursery and for two florists I enjoyed growing house plants, trees, and shrubs. I never saw how I could possibly take my interest and turn it into an income. After all, don't you need a lot of land and expensive greenhouses? One day while searching for free plans for a greenhouse I came to Your plan, your passion, and your offer for information on how to start a backyard nursery struck a cord.

Thank you for a really good first season. Without a greenhouse and only on a one acre lot we now have several thousand small trees and shrubs in our Backyard Nursery. Next spring we will have our first sale. Everything you have in your DVDs and ebooks really works!

The Backyard Growers Message Board was worth every penny. Not only have I had questions answered sometimes within hours of asking but have made friends that are near by and share the same interest.

What really was a surprise was your continual interaction and personal support on the Backyard Growers Message Board. I feel that I have gotten to know you and many others just by reading the wealth of information each day in questions, answers, and comments from people all over. I can actually share in the successes of people I have never met but have grown to know and respect through their efforts in their own Backyard nursery.

One other benefit that I did not even consider when signing up for your plan, I have purchased several hundred beautiful rooted cuttings from board members. This has saved me time, money, and effort. I now have a wider selection to offer customers. The response from local nurseries and garden centers when they hear of our selection of trees and shrubs is overwhelming. Next season we are already preparing to increase our production by at least 3 times.

Please keep selling your Backyard Nursery Program. It has changed our lives and I know it has changed others as well. What a joy to wake up in the morning, look out the window and see thousands of beautiful trees and shrubs. More people need to experience what you have to offer. Again, thank you.

Chuck L.
Fawn Grove, Pennsylvania 

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