Backyard Nursery owners, Tony and Dana 
from Grand Rapids, Michigan

Thank you, Mike McGroarty, for all you have done & continue to do. Your information has allowed us to go from disabled to able in a short period of time. The amount of information you have put together & continue to give about starting a backyard nursery has been life changing.

There are many business ideas that seem 'too good to be true'. We were skeptical at first, spent months researching, then took the plunge. Now we wish we had not wasted the months considering it & used that time to get things started. Your personal responses to postings, yearly get-together at your home & daily maintenance of a web site are unheard of. The personal touches make it stand out above others that sell their information

There is no 'fluff' in your backyard nursery info. Just honest, easy to follow instructions. No guarantees, just the promise to always make your expertise & advice available. Building a network of experienced growers that can count on each other was ingenious, making it a success is daily maintenance on your part & being able to call ourselves 'Permanent Members' of this network is awesome!

This system has paid for itself & most of our supplies to get started in the 1st year. The cuttings that we did last summer are established in raised growing beds & have given us the proof that this board & your system is the most important boost a plant business could have.

When we need advice from experienced backyard nursery growers, this is where we get it in a short period of time, without leaving home. It is always friendly, respectful & honest (good or bad). 

Being a member of the
Backyard Growers Message Board has given us resources at the touch of a button that would have taken years to accumulate on our own, if we found them at all. Try going into an established nursery & ask the owner to sell you his knowledge for the same amount it costs to join this board. He/She would laugh you straight out the door.

It was hard work, but worth every bit of it. Now we have stock plants, cuttings growing, faith in ourselves that we can make this work & most important to the business - experienced mentors & friends for life ----PRICELESS!

A testimonial about our backyard nursery seemed daunting to me because there is so much more I would like to say than is written here. Bless you and everyone in your life that supports you in this time consuming path you have chosen.

Tony & Dana
Grand Rapids, MI

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