Backyard Nursery Owner Doug from Chemung, New York

Mike McGroarty and the 'gang'..(especially Kathy for all you do behind the scenes.)

This is really the best thing that has happened to me, and at the right time in my life. It's very therapeutic physically, emotionally and spiritually for me. I recommend Mike's "Backyard Nursery System", and the "Message Board" to anyone, no matter what your situation is. The monetary value will start rolling in in good time, meantime-ENJOY. There is no other home-based business offered like this anywhere else, and probably never will be. It really is PRICELESS!

Being a member of the "Backyard Growers Board" has been such a blessing that words can't describe it. I've been a somewhat silent member of the Backyard Nursery Message Board since June of 2007. Although I haven't gotten rich from Mike's System, I feel that my decision to purchase the System has given me more than monetary gain. 

It's priceless as all the 'Members' that share their knowledge and experiences so freely and so graciously. I never thought that I would enjoy anything more than being a carpenter, building houses, and everything associated with the trade, for the rest of my life. But when I was injured while framing a somewhat difficult job, and wasn't able to do the work anymore, to where I couldn't even swing a hammer or even grip a screwdriver, I knew I would have to find 'something' that I could do and still be outdoors.

I found Mikes offer on the internet, and I knew that this is what I HAD to do. I've always had a green thumb, planted a vegetable garden every year while in South Alabama for 25 years. I enjoy working with plants PERIOD.......... Thanks to you Mike, and all the members of the 'Board", (and you too Kathy!), for giving me the hope I needed, to know that I can still work outside at something I enjoy doing, and eventually make a good living at it.

In closing; I do have 3 aquariums going with some root cuttings and I managed to build a 4'x16' 'dug-in bed' (raised) with half sand, other half soil, that I'm experimenting rooting cuttings under a mini hoop house (crude), and so far all is looking good. Also have 3 compost bins doing their thing as I type this. And if the Good Lord is Willing, Ill have some money to buy enough root cuttings this spring to plant several raised beds in my 50'x50' garden space, along with some plants for my landscape for future cuttings.

Thanks again to Mike and everybody involved. God Bless,
Chemung, NY zone 5b
Crickside Paradise Plants

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