Backyard Nursery owner Gary from Atwood Tennessee

I would stand in front of any individual or group to endorse Mike McGroarty's backyard nursery system. This is how much I believe in it. If you want to start a backyard nursery then get Mike McGroarty's system.

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My name is Gary L and I am one of Mike's new growers. Before I tell you about Mike's System let me give you a little information about myself. I am a graduate of the University of Tennessee and I am fortunate to have two good jobs. I have worked for our state's
Agricultural Extension Service as a Research Assistant doing field research in vegetable crop pollination. After leaving this job I started another job working for my County Soil Conservation District. My other job is working for UPS in the evenings.

I have always been an entrepreneur at heart and always dreamed of having a home based business. When you work for other people you only make them rich!! I told my wife Ellen ( which is the greatest blessing of my life) I wanted us to have a business together. So I began searching on the internet for a honest home based business. That is when I came across Mike McGroarty's backyard nursery site. 

I purchased his system and it has been some of the best money that I have ever spent. As we know in life there are usually only few things that we can actually say " Boy
did I get My money's worth out of this." Now I can add Mike McGroarty to my own small list.

I am so excited about what we have accomplished. I started in august of 2007 and I have twenty six varieties of stock plants and by spring I hope to add another twenty five. I have over twenty yards of compost ready to go and several small bins for my potting soil. I have also been working on a small field on our farm to improve my soil. I am going to plant my rooted cuttings in beds before I pot them up to sell. This spring I will be putting in my mist system. I am deliberately going slow because we are going to build a new house. Once that project is done it will be full steam ahead.

Now, would I recommend to you, someone that I don't know, to buy Mike's backyard nursery system? You bet I would! One of the reason's why is that you do not need a lot of money to get started. I agree with Mike one hundred percent when he says "never borrow money to start a business". You don't have to borrow money or invest a big chunk up front. Take your time and get the feel of the business first. The other good reason that comes to mind is the Backyard Growers Message Board.

The other day I checked out the tuition of my state college and found out that for one three hour course it would cost me six hundred and sixty dollars. Mike's system shows you simply how to grow and sell plants. The information that I learned in a few weeks probably would have taken a few years at a university. You don't need a college degree to follow this program. It is that easy.

Now, this is not a sit in my lazy chair and money will fall out of the ceiling easy either. The more work you put into your backyard nursery the more rewards you will receive.

Gary L.
Atwood Tennessee

Start Your Own Backyard Nursery Today!
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