Backyard Nursery owner Jen, 
from Tennessee

Yes, you can start a business with Mike McGoarty's Backyard Nursery Program. It can be as big or as small as you want. I have been with Mike for about 6 years now. His step-by-steps are so detailed that you can't go wrong, and believe me, I have tried. 

With this year's late killing freeze and drought we lost a lot of plants.  It was a crazy year in Tennessee.  

I still made just over $20,000. Next year I plan to double that.

A note from Mike:  Like Jennifer mentioned, she's been with me for about six years now, and she is really doing a great job.  Jen also sells some plants to other members of the Backyard Growers Message Board, and she has a huge fan club there.  They rave over Jen's plants.  

 Mike McGroarty and Jen 
at Mike's House in Ohio

I've had the wonderful opportunity of meeting Jennifer in person three times.  Twice she came to my annual "Shindig at Mike's House", and then last winter a bunch of us got together for a meeting in Kentucky.  If you ever get the chance to meet Jen, don't pass it up!  She's a wonderful person, an extremely hard worker, and funny as can be.  And she makes me very proud.  Jen has an incredible backyard nursery, the result of her determination and hard work.

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