Backyard Nursery Owners John and Laurie from Ashton, Illinois

This photo of John and Laurie was actually taken a my house.  
Once a year we do the annual "Shindig at Mike's house for 
Backyard Nursery folks.  It's always a lot of fun

What a fantastic product! We were made aware of Mike McGroarty’s free plants site several years before we actually bought this product and what a shame we didn’t purchase it sooner. It seemed like a steep price but the content was more than we ever imagined. It is not a get rich quick scheme but a down to earth, step by step plan that is so easy to do. Mike’s mantra is just do something for your backyard nursery every day and keep it simple. We started with nothing and plan to have small sales this year that will grow exponentially year to year. 

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My husband farmed all his life until the last decade and loves to grow things but had never done plants, only crops. We have learned more than many college classes could teach us. Our son is going to college for horticulture and is so impressed with the practicality and abundance of the information on the board. He is very involved and often asks what I learned on the Backyard Nursery Message Board when he gets home from school. 

We are starting as a Backyard Nursery and have a dream to expand to a family business. Just start talking to people and tell them you are starting a nursery and they are ready to come and buy plants. Last year we took about 1,000 cuttings. We purchased rooted cuttings from the board and plan to take 10’s of thousands of cuttings this year. With the help and information from the Backyard Grower’s board we now have a dream that can turn into reality. 

We have 9 children and hope to get as many of them involved as are interested. For us, the sky is the limit. We will get as much out of this as we are willing to put into it and we can hardly wait for spring! Lord willing, we will be very busy.

John and Laurie
Ashton, IL

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