Backyard Nursery owner Kathy from New Holland, Ohio

Dear Mike,

As you know, I just bought your backyard nursery system about a month ago. 

I've been reading old postings from the Backyard Growers Message Board and just trying to learn as much as possible. When I saw this message I just had to write to you!

I came across your website purely by accident. I subscribed to your free newsletter & have been enjoying that for months now. I waited & waited all this time before finally taking the plunge & buying your system. I already regret not getting started all those months ago!! 

I thought at the time that it would be worth it just for the info for my own landscaping and I was right- I see that already!!  But now I have high hopes of making this into a profitable business venture with the help of you and the entire backyard nursery family. 

Thank you for this opportunity and all your help. It is truly appreciated already.

New Holland, Ohio

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