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Hello, Iím Marc Ferguson & I live in Winston, Ga. about 40 miles south west of Atlanta.
Iíve been a member of the Backyard Nursery System & Growers message Board for 5 yrs. & have learned a great amount information from the system and everyone on the message board.

Does this ring a bell with you?

1. You watch TV shows about landscaping to get ideas for your yard?
2. You donít have the budget to hire the landscaping contractor?
3. You decide you can do a little improvement every so often as time & money permits?
4. You have a plan for a new garden with a list of all the plants you need & then add up how much it will cost & you go into ďsticker shockĒ.
5. You are always looking for bargains & plant sales so you can buy all the plants youíll need.
6. When you buy a plant, you look for the ones with 3-4 in a container, so you can divide them & have more bang for your bucks.
7. You order a plant from catalogs & are disappointed with the size for the price.

That was me!

My ideas for one of my beds in a shady area needed more than 75 hostas as a border. Another bed was bordered with 45 hostas. Thatís almost $ 700.00 just for a generic hosta from a home center. The other plants or different hosta varieties added to the price.  Iíve learned how to propagate the plants my family really like & add them to our landscape.

If you answer YES, Thatís Me ! You need to look at Mike McGroartyís Backyard Nursery System. It will pay for itself even if you decide not to sell to the public.  Youíll have a sizeable market from other members. Whenever Iíve had plants to offer to other ďBoardĒ members, Iíve always sold out! 

If you follow the system & keep things simple, you can grow hundreds, even thousands of plants for your yard, the neighbors, friends & more.

Taking the direction provided in Mike's Backyard Growing System, suggestions from members of the Growers Message Board & most of all seeing over 4,000 plants survive winter, bursting with fresh growth in spring & I had to have my first Backyard Nursery Sale. 

In two weekends I sold enough plants to pay off the credit card that was used to pay for my system, supplies, materials, ads. & plants. Plus ! I still had over 1,500 plants to sell or use in landscaping at my home.

I then approached my veterinarian, whose landscaping had the usual winter blaaahs, about doing work for her. This has led to an annual business ranging from a low of $4,500.00 to a high of $12,000.00

Iím positive you have taken cuttings from a house plant or tried the avocado seed in the glass of water, and how great it was to see the roots start & the plant grow. Now multiply that by thousands.  You can sell these plants to pay for your Gardeners Addiction & you will have a great deal of fun & satisfaction.

Marc Ferguson

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