Backyard Nursery owners Gary and Michelle 
from Sunbright, Tennessee

Mike McGroarty's Backyard Nursery Growing System works! 

By following his system, we created a state certified nursery in our backyard in less than one year! Mike gave us the information we needed to succeed through his informative DVDs, e-books, web articles, and newsletters. 

Plus, by joining the Backyard Growers Message Board we had an infinite amount of plant growing information at our fingertips! Once we joined, we were instantly part of the Backyard Growers family. We were welcomed with open arms, and no question went unanswered. The members are educational, inspirational, and all share a genuine love for growing plants. 

My absolute favorite part of the Backyard Nursery Message Board is the classified section. This means you can buy and sell plants to and from other board members. It is so much fun to get new plants in the mail to expand your nursery. We even sold some of our own propagated cuttings! 

By following the Backyard Growing System and putting in some good old fashion hard work, we have created a wonderful little nursery that we are very proud of. 

Michelle & Gary
Deerwoods Farm

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