Backyard Nursery owner Mike from Stockbridge, Michigan

I belong to Mike's Backyard Nursery Message Board and can tell you that if you join the board you will have the sources and support to make this work. Only you can do it because like everything on this world, if you want to be successful you need to commit yourself and do something everyday. 

Mike is on the board most days unless he is on vacation. There is a ton of support from other members and most likely there will even be a member in your area. I'm from Michigan and when I first joined, I went to another members nursery to see the operation. 

The board also offers sources for rooted cuttings and a "Plants for Sale Page" to sell your cuttings to other members. Last winter Mike held several one day meetings and I was fortunate enough to attend the one he held in Ohio to meet with him and other growers. I don't know if he will be doing this in the future, but I'll say Mike gives you back far more than you pay in valuable information and a great networking opportunity.

There is also an E-booklet of all the best posts from the board which is a compiled summary of the various postings organized by backyard nursery topics.

Mike K.
Stockbridge, MI
Zone 5 South Central, Michigan

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