Backyard Nursery owner Norman J. from Taylor, Arizona

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Hi, my name is Norman J. from Taylor Arizona. 

I purchased Mikes backyard nursery program in March of 2004. I would like to tell you how Mike’s program helped me create a perpetual money machine. I started with a lot of cuttings. Then I found out that there were a few things that I shouldn’t have done. My first year I ended up with only 1000 rooted cuttings. 

The next year I took cutting from the 1000 and got 4000 cuttings. This last year my daughter and I got 15,000 cuttings for our backyard nursery.

My first year cuttings are now ready to sell. Having talked to the local nursery owners, they are all excited to buy nursery stock from me.  It’s wonderful having people waiting on me instead of me waiting on them. 

Thank you Mike and the message board for all that you have done for me..

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