Backyard Nursery Owner Susie from Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania

I am the person you don't want to be. 

My husband and I started our backyard nursery about 4 years ago. Although, we used Mike's for a lot of the information he had there, we never purchased his Backyard Growing System until one year ago. There was always that doubt in our minds of how good the system would really be. 

But I can't begin to tell you the mistakes that we made and the money and time that we wasted that could have been prevented by purchasing his system. On top of that, we could have been making a lot more money if we used his unique selling ideas for our plants. I finally purchased his system, because I was tired of 'reinventing the wheel' and because I had just found out about his Backyard Growers' Message Board and the 45 day free trial of it that came with his system. 

His Backyard Growing System contains all the basic steps for getting started along with advice on the things that are necessary and unnecessary to do. Not only does his system tell you how to get started, there is also a lot of good sales, marketing and advertising information you couldn't get anywhere else. His basic idea is keeping it simple and it shows in his Ebooks and DVDs. 

After I purchased, read and viewed everything, all I could think was 'If I could only go back in time and start all over'. But I can't. So if you really want to do this, purchase his backyard nursery system. In the long run it will save you time, money and disappointment.

But what I love the best is the Backyard Growers' Message Board. 

I think I am addicted to it. I don't feel right unless I get on it everyday to check the postings and read the information being offered there. You can get answers to all your questions on every aspect of the business from the propagating and growing end to the business end such as accounting and advertising. You can find recommended wholesale suppliers for virtually everything. You can purchase your first plants and seeds from other members. You can learn tricks, shortcuts and inexpensive methods for doing things not only from Mike, but from other members who have tried things. 

The advice, help and support there is tremendous. Mike is on there everyday (Except when he goes on vacation and his wife won't let him LOL) to answer the questions and give advise that is based on what hundreds of growers in his area are doing. You'll also know it, especially the first time you see one member tell another member 'Call me and I will tell you how to do it.' And remember the backyard nursery members are from all over. So there is unique advise depending on climates and different sections of the country. 

And best of all, is that the people on the board become your friends. So all I can say is 'Go for it'.

Susie Pileggi
Clarks Summit, PA

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