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You Can Make Money
at Home!

Small Plants are Selling Like Crazy in this Economy because People are Staying Home and Doing more in their Yards.

You Can Do This!  Growing Small Plants in Your Backyard is a Great Way
to Prepare for Retirement, Supplement Your Retirement Income, or Make
Extra Money as You Need it.

It's easy, it's relaxing, it's enjoyable and You Can Do It!

There is something magical about being
able to root cuttings like these.

Earnings Disclaimer

My lifetime love affair with plants started out as more of a rocky relationship!  I was only 16 years old just looking for a part-time job when I landed a gig in large wholesale nursery.  Slowly but surely I learned a great deal about plants and became somewhat of an unwilling expert.  Eventually I fell in love with plants of all kinds and no matter what happened in my life, it always seemed to be plants that put me back on track.

My pursuit of the American dream
turned into a bloody nightmare!

I dreamed of owning my own business.  So in 1979 I took the plunge and went into business for myself.  In just weeks my new landscaping business was booming.  Six months later the U.S. economy was a train wreck.  Home interest rates shot up to 14%, houses weren't selling, cars weren't selling, Chrysler had to beg for money from President Regan just to stay in business.  Unemployment was at an all time high. 

My business was failing.  I was in trouble. I owed the I.R.S. money and they were growing impatient.  Going broke is usually a slow painful process because you kick and fight with everything you have in you to make it work.  And I kicked and fought for four long years, then I hit  . . .

The Low Point in My Life

I came home from work one day and Pam was not happy.  The phone was ringing and several others had already called.  All the checks I had written in past week were bouncing.  I had never written bad checks so I knew something was up.  I went to the post office to check my mail, and sure enough, the I.R.S. had cleaned out all of my bank accounts. 

Pam's checking account, my businesses account and they even took the $1.79 that we had in our savings account.  Can you believe that?  We had a whopping buck seventy nine in savings and they took that too. 

I was devastated.

Pepsi 8 pack
"My Net Worth after the IRS Wiped me Out"

The next morning I just wanted to go somewhere and think.  I wanted a cup of coffee but all I had in my pocket was 17.  Then I remember that behind the house there were two eight packs of returnable Pepsi bottles.  So I grabbed the pop bottles and headed to a store where nobody knew me.  I just wanted to cash them in so I could get a cup of coffee and try and figure out where to go from here.  The guy at the store started giving me a hard time because I wasn't buying anything.  Finally he handed over the $1.60 after I was completely humiliated.

I went to the coffee shop and began to ponder how serious my dilemma was.  Wife, baby, no job, no money, it was almost winter, no landscape jobs, total net worth 16 pop bottles and I just spent most of that.  When suddenly it dawned on me . . . I had plants!

I had planted 1,000 Forsythia Lynnwood Gold in the field behind our house and they were now about 4 feet tall.  I bought them as rooted cuttings for 15 each, but now they were worth much more.  I knew they were worth about $6.00 each wholesale, but I was desperate and needed to sell them quickly.  I called a friend that was a buyer for a large garden center.  He came over, looked at the plants, then wrote me a check for $1,200 on the spot.


In my darkest hour, it would be plants that would give me hope.

One minute my net worth was less than 16 returnable pop bottles, minutes later I was holding in my hand $1,200.  At that moment I knew that my future was in the plant business.  I had only given my friend Jack $150 for those 1,000 cuttings and I sold them for $1,200 in the ground.  I didn't even have to dig them.  I sold them right in the ground!

So here we are all these years later and I am still using plants to build my personal wealth and so should you.  It's amazing how easy it is to sell small plants.

And growing small plants at home is as easy as taking cuttings, rooting them and selling them. 

You can sell them as rooted cuttings just weeks after you root them, or you can grow them for a while and sell them for a lot more money.  It costs you almost nothing to grow a plant.  With a plastic pot and potting soil your cost to grow a plant is about 30. 

Can you believe that?  30 and you sell them for $4.97 each! 

And you can grow thousands of them!

This is easy to do, it's easy to get started, and the cost of getting started is really, really low compared to just about any other home based business you could consider.

Watch this short video and I'll show you what I mean...

This could change your life.  It sure has mine! 

Growing small plants is fun, it's easy, it's relaxing and it is very rewarding.  And it can be very, very profitable.  People will buy the plants you grow!

That's one of the things that many of my customers are most concerned about.  "Will people really buy the plants I grow?"  Yes they will!  People love plants and they really like buying small plants from people like you and I.  They really don't like buying from the big box stores.  Actually they hate buying from the big box stores.  They'd much rather buy from someone like you.  Someone they can relate to, someone locally who grows their plants with tender, loving care. 

Once they see what you are doing in your backyard they will be envious and in awe of you.

Sound hoky?  It's not.  People really do want locally grown plants and they want to buy them from real people.

You can do this!  People will jump at the chance to buy your plants.

I've got customers all over the United States, Canada, the UK and other countries selling thousands and thousands of dollars worth of their home grown plants and they are having an absolute blast.

I know what you're thinking; "Mike, I've got Walmart, Kmart, Home Depot, Lowes and several garden centers in my town." 

Doesn't matter. 

So do I and I've sold tens of thousands of dollars worth of my plants and I'm growing more as I write this.  I'm surrounded by wholesale nurseries who grow plants by the tens of thousands.  Doesn't matter.  I still have no problem selling what I grow and I'll show you how to do the same thing.

Listen, I've been doing this most of my life.  I know more about the Backyard Nursery Business that anybody you'll find.  I am without a doubt, the world renowned expert when it comes to starting and operating a Backyard Nursery.

For years and years I grew small plants in my backyard on just 1/20th of an acre.  Like I said you don't need much room at all.  I used to sell plants from my driveway and all of my plants were priced at just $4.97 each.  We sold thousands of them!

One year we sold $25,879 worth of plants in a little over 4 weeks!

And every single plant was priced at $4.97.

Is that typical?  No, it's not typical.  It took me a while to build up to that big sale.  But that's the beauty of this.  You start small, sell what you grow, grow some more and sell those.

I haven't had one of those crazy plant sales in a number of years, I now grow for the wholesale market.  But they were fun!  It was literally a plant buying frenzy.  These days I'm using my nursery to build some personal wealth for Pam and I.  I tried the stock market and that was disastrous!  So I went back to what I know best.  Plants.

Pam and I are both about 56 years old.  She's a few months younger than me.  My goal is to have at least $250,000, maybe $400,000 worth of plants in my nursery over the next few years.   That's my retirement nest egg.  When it's time to sell them it's like digging up money!

James McGroarty
James McGroarty

My father, an Irish immigrant, God rest his soul, just couldn't believe how much money we made selling plants, nor how easy it seemed.  One Sunday afternoon we were sitting in the backyard and Pam said; "Somebody's in the driveway."  So I walked around front to find a couple admiring the plants we had for sale.  A few minutes later I walked back to the patio and Pam asked if I sold anything.  To which I casually replied; "$90.00 worth." 

To me it didn't seem like much of a big deal, but you should have seen the look on my father's face.  He really had a hard time processing what just happened.  One minute I'm sitting on the patio visiting with family, 15 minutes later I had an additional $90.00 in my pocket.  My father came to America as a young man around 1950 with a dream of a good job, a family and a happy life.  He quickly learned a trade as a First Class Machinist, got married, started a family, got a dog or two and truly was living his dream. 

He worked hard, enjoyed his family and love to sit in the backyard under the stars and listen to sports broadcaster Pete Franklin on the radio, dog by his side, probably a stroh's in his hand and me and my brother chasing around in the yard.  That's what I remember.  But he spent his life trading time for money.  So watching me pick up $90.00 in fifteen minutes really got his attention.

All plants are super easy to sell but...

There's Big Money in Japanese Maples!

Like hundreds of thousands of other people, I am a Japanese maple fanatic!  I love Japanese maples and I love investing in Japanese maples because I can buy them wholesale really, really cheap and sell them for a lot of money.  Watch these two videos.  You'll see what I mean.

Today I have customers all over the country holding plant sales similar to mine with really good results.  The people who buy my Backyard Growing System hold plant sales, some sell online, some sell to landscapers, some sell to other nurseries.  There are a ton of easy ways to sell the plants you grow.  I'll show you where to find eager plant buyers.

But I'll give you a little hint here.  Japanese maples are like having a customer magnet.  If you offer Japanese maples for sale, they will pull customers to you like a magnet!  The plant loving world, which is made up of millions and millions of passionate gardeners, are in a  lifetime love affair with Japanese maples.

You Can Make Money Growing and Selling
Japanese Maples and other Small Plants
Right in Your Backyard!

Small plants sell like crazy!  As soon as people find out you have small plants for sale they are immediately interested.  They want to see what you have, and they buy them!

But first there are some things you should know.

1. You don't need a greenhouse or a lot of money to get started.

2. You can get started in just a small area in your backyard.

3. You don't need any special skills or a magical green thumb.  Anybody can do this!  I'll teach you everything you need to know.

4.  You can make money quickly.  This isn't a "Get Rich Quick Scheme".  It's nothing like that.  It's a legitimate business opportunity that you can grow to any size you like, or keep it as small as you like.

5.  You can sell plants to people in your town, or you can sell plants to people all over the country.

6.  You can keep this low key and nobody really has to know what you are doing in your backyard.  It will be a secret between you and your customers.

7.  Or you can do it in a big way with full blown plant sales and people almost throwing money at you.  Seriously.  If you choose to do the plant sale thing you'll be amazed and dumbfounded at how many people will show up. 

Today I grow for the wholesale market.  I grow a lot of different Japanese Maples, Rhododendrons and a few other ornamental plants.   I like wholesale because I can sell a lot of plants to one buyer and all I have to do is answer the phone and take their order over the phone.  Sometimes they send a crew over to dig the plants and I don't even have to touch them.

A true story . . . Several years ago I purchased 1,000 Chinese Dogwood seedlings for 50 cents each and planted them in the field.   When they were large enough to sell I sold them all to just two wholesale buyers.  The one guy would send his crew over and they'd dig a bunch of my small trees and he'd call me up and leave a message on my answering machine that went like this; "Hey Mike, you have 80 holes in the ground, send me a bill."  We agreed on the price of $8.00 each and his crew would dig the trees.  So all I had to do was send him and bill and he's send me a check. 

I only paid 50 each for the plants and I was selling them for $8.00 each and my customer was digging them!  I was as happy as could be.  I didn't even have to handle them.  They dug them, hauled out of the field and trucked them away.

You can get started right now! 

Today is the ideal time to get started! 

No matter when you are reading this, now is the time to get started.  There are things you can do each month of the year to build your business so don't procrastinate.  Get started now!

My Backyard Growing System is only $47.00 and it
comes with a One Year Money Back Guarantee!

This is what you get for $47.00:

Mike's Backyard Growing System

We will send you everything you see in the picture above, just how you see it, which includes...

The Book - "Small Plants Big Profits from Home!" (106 Pages)
This book has it all. Everything you will ever need to know about starting, and running, a successful backyard nursery. I completely re-wrote this entire book to include more tips, techniques and strategies to help you grow better, sell more and work less!

DVD #1 - "How to Start Your Own Money-Making Backyard Nursery"
In this DVD, I show you every aspect of my  Backyard Nursery and explain in step by step detail how to do everything that has to do with growing plants at home. This video explains it all!

DVD #2 - "Plant Propagation Madness!"
No need to buy expensive plant rooting systems.  Discover how easy it is to build your own system and root thousands or tens of thousands of cuttings at one time right out in your backyard.  But more importantly, learn exactly how to use this technique with great success.

Plus, as a bonus, you will get instant access to the following right after you order...

The Electronic version of my plant propagation book:
"Easy Plant Propagation"  This E-book is an instant download, you can be reading it within minutes of placing your order.

The Secret Directory of Wholesale Suppliers: 
These are my private wholesale sources that I use any time I need rooted cuttings of flowering shrubs for 54, Japanese Red Maples for $1.35 each or less, Flowering Dogwood trees for 90 each, or the best wholesale deal on containers, trays etc.
 This is also an instant download.  Read it right now!

The Inside Secrets of the Rooted Cutting Business:
My step by step guide to growing and selling rooted cuttings at home from your very own Backyard Nursery.
  This is also an instant download.  Read it right now!

The Advanced E-mail course for Backyard Growers:
This e-mail courses starts the day after you place your order and will help you get your Backyard Nursery off to a flying start.
This course will help you to better understand the Backyard Nursery business. You'll learn what plants seem to sell the best, what techniques are better than others and certain things to look out for as you establish your backyard nursery.

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McGroarty Enterprises Inc
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I'm serious about the money back guarantee. I know you're skeptical, and that's perfectly normal. You don't know me from Bugs Bunny, and I don't blame you for not trusting me. But I can assure you that if for any reason whatsoever you are not completely satisfied all you have to do is ask for a refund. I'm not going to make you jump through a bunch of hoops to get your money back. If you're not happy you'll get a refund, it's as simple as that!   I promise!   -Mike McGroarty

Pssst!  You don't even have to tell anybody what you're doing.  You know how friends and family are, they'll always tell you why it won't work.  They do that because they are either envious, jealous or completely unhappy with their own station in life. 

That's the beauty of this home based business.  You already like to garden, now you'll just do it with more of a mission.  Your friends and family won't even know what you're up to.

My mother-in-law thought I was crazy when I started growing plants in the backyard and I know that she secretly thought for sure that it would never work.  She thought for sure that I'd fail.  Boy oh boy, you should have seen her when she walked in while Pam was counting the money after one of our first plant sales.  Her eyes were as big as saucers staring at that pile of cash and checks on the kitchen table.

From that day on she was a believer!  She and my father-in-law would come over and help with the plant sales.  My father-in-law would help customers haul the plants to their car and then between customers he'd go out back and haul up more plants to set out for sale.  They'd do all of this with Pam while I was at work.  Today my father-in-law is 83 and he still comes over to the nursery to help out.  It makes him feel good.  It gives him purpose. 

You can sell thousands of dollars worth of plants online.  What better way to find customers than the Internet.  There are a sea of people on the Internet looking for nice plants!  I explain how to do that in the "Inside Secrets of the Rooted Cuttings" Ebook.  There are millions of prospective plant buyers online and they love to buy from individuals like you and me.

What about zoning?  Can you do this from home?

That depends on your community, but here's something to think about.  Gardening is a hobby.  It is a very popular hobby practiced by millions of people.  And nobody minds nor cares if you garden in your backyard.  They start to get all upset when it becomes a commercial enterprise.  If you live out in a rural area you can probably do all kinds of things in your yard and nobody cares what you do.  If you are in a city or in a sub division with a homeowners association then I'm sure the rules are very different.  More than likely you can still garden, but probably can't hold a plant sale at your house.  These are things you'll have to look into on your own, I can't answer them for you.

But here's the deal.  Your investment in my program is only $47.00.  You are going to learn all kinds of gardening skills that most people will never learn.  You are going to discover how to magically multiply beautiful plants as many times as you like.  You will discover how to root thousands and thousands of cuttings at one time.  Which brings me to another point . . .

Think about how amazing this business is.  You buy a plant once and you take cuttings from that plant. A really small plant will yield 5 to 20 cuttings the first year, but after it grows a few years you can get hundreds of cuttings from that one plant. You sell some of the cuttings you take, and some you plant in your garden and allow them to grow for one year.  But in the mean time you can take cuttings from those cuttings!  Then you take cuttings from those cuttings!

One plant can provide you with a lifetime supply of cuttings.  I used to have two Burning Bush in my landscape.  Each year I would get 800 or more cuttings from those two plants.  And just about every dang one of them rooted and we sold them!

Ask yourself this.  In what other business do you only have to buy the product one time and continue to sell that same product year after year after year with no further investment?

No other business allows you to do that!

And get this . . . it only takes between 2 and 6 weeks to root most cuttings.  Once they have a nice little root system you can sell them.  Where can you sell rooted cuttings?  Well . . . there's this secret place online where you can not only sell your plants, but you can buy all kinds of plants that you can use to build up the inventory of your plant nursery.

Even though this secret place is online, it really is secret and exclusive and you can get there by invitation only.  That's how exclusive it is.  Once you get my system I'll tell you how to find this place, and how to get invited in.

I personally know people that have sold tens of thousands of dollars worth of small plants from this secret little domain and continue to sell plants from there on a regular basis.

I don't sell plants there because I like to grow my plants larger and sell them here locally.  But if you want to grow and sell small plants from home quietly, sort of below the radar, then this secret place could be a gold mine for you.  I personally have bought thousands of dollars worth of plants for my own nursery from this secret little hideout.  I guess you can call it a club.   Whatever it's called, I know that you can sell lots and lots of small plants there.

Now here's the beauty of selling small plants from this secret location.

1.  You don't sell them one at a time.  You often sell dozens or hundreds of plants to the same buyer.  Just pack them in a box and send them off via Priority Mail.  It's as simple as that.  Quickly and quietly.  Many people pay with Paypal so you get paid immediately and you send the plants.  It really is a wonderful little business that you can run quietly from home without a lot of hoopla.

Think about your friends and family and how surprised they'll be when they find out you are actually making money with your hobby.  Hundreds if not thousands of dollars doing something that you absolutely love to do anyway.

2.  You can buy plants at this secret place for a little as 75 each.  Where else can you buy plants for 75 each?  No where except this secret, online location.  Not everything sells for 75.  Many things sell for $1.50, $3.00 or more.  But everything that sells from this secret location is priced well below what you'd have to pay elsewhere.  Way below!  Right now there are some Glowing Embers Japanese Maples advertised for $5.50 and they are selling quickly.  Elsewhere online they are being advertised for $49.99!  You could have gotten them for $5.50 each if you had known about this before now.  Don't worry, deals like that are advertised in this secret location all the time.

This is what I do.  I buy them for $5.50 each and I grow them on for a while then I sell them locally for $49.99 each!  That's part of my personal wealth building plan.

I purchased hundreds of rare, Lace Leaf Weeping Japanese Red Maples from this secret location.  I bought several hundred for $6.50 each, some were $8.00 each, some of the really rare varieties I paid $13.00.  Good luck finding the same plants anywhere for less than $100!

That's why this secret location is so so special.  There is no other place in the world like it that I am aware of and I've been in this business my whole life.  It's very private, but as a plant seller you can sell a lot of plants there, and as plant buyer you can get unimaginable deals there.

Okay, that's my shpeel . . .my system is only $47.00. 

Today is the day for you to get excited about life! 
Spend your days doing what you love and get paid for it.

 One guy asked me, "Mike, why do you, or better yet, how can you give so much information for only $47.00?"

The answer is simple.  I want you to succeed.

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If you'd like to pay with a check, please make the check
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