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What to Do If Your Weed Eater Won’t Start?

What to Do If Your Weed Eater Won’t Start?

Possible reasons why your cordless weed eater or gas weed eater won’t start working can be numerous, but usually, they are connected with worn out or battered parts of the engine.

When facing the problem with the unit you can’t start, always begin the inspection from the most apparent causes. Let’s see the most common issues with starting the engine you can face off, and where to begin with solving them.

What to Check When Weed Eater Won’t Start

What to Check When Weed Eater Won’t Start

In many households, issues connected with the weed eater can cause serious frustration every single spring. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Since most models are simply designed, you can save both money and time by solving most of the problems by yourself no matter what causes them. I will give you the list of the most common issues you can face off and the practical tips on how to solve each of them.

1. Fuel issues

Weed Eater 2

The first thing you should think about when your weed eater won’t start is a possibility that you are running out of gas. Since it happens very often, you always need to have a prepared mixture of fresh fuel and 2-cycle oil (with the correct ratio of 40:1) in your garage for situations like this one.

The next thing you should check is if your gas is too old. Don’t use fuel older than three months to avoid clogging of fuel filters. Also, there is a possibility that gas and oil separate over time. Just shake a can before using the mixture. In general, if you take care of your unit correctly, you won’t have too many problems with it.

2. Air filter blockage

Sometimes, especially after extended storage of the unit during winter, your engine can start working when you try to run it, but stop after a few minutes. The possible reason is air filter blocked with debris.

It is also possible that there is no initial spark. Then your weed eater won’t even start running since there is not enough oxygen. Clean or replace the air filter, and the problem will be solved quickly. Start the engine and go working.

3. Spark plug malfunctions

Spark plug malfunctions

In both previous cases, the engine of your weed eater won’t work correctly, but you can expect some response. However, when there is no reaction at all after trying to use your unit, you can be pretty sure that it is about spark plug.

Dirty spark plugs are not a huge issue, and you can solve it quickly, but when this problem appears, you won’t use your eater without replacing these essential parts of the engine. The reason is hindering the ‘spark’ that allows firing up your engine.

At first, you should look for possible cracks in the ceramic. If there are any, you need to get a new one. Then, remove and clean or change the spark plugs. After a few minutes, your machine will work without any interruptions.

4. Carburetors


Unlike the previously mentioned problems that you may encounter and solve without much effort, the issue with the carburetor is a bit more serious. It is an essential part of your engine, and it can’t start working before you solve every failure.

In most cases, you will extend the performances of your carburetor by regular maintenance. At some point, the replacement of this part of the engine will be the only solution that you have at your disposal.

The excellent news is that the carburetor replacement is inexpensive, and there is no need to buy the new weed eater when such a problem occurs.

5. Flooded engine

Sometimes, when the engine refuses to start running, the typical reaction is to try to start the engine too many times. As a result, you will get a flooded engine which you can’t start.

You can solve it by position the choke lever of your unit to ‘run,’ and pull the cord. That way you will remove excess fuel. Repeat the procedure if necessary.

6. Recoil starter

Sometimes it is possible that the rewind spring is broken down. Consequently, it won’t coil onto the pulley correctly. The only solution is to replace that part of the engine.

The same thing is in the situation when there is a problem with recoil starter or recoil pulley. After restoring damaged components, your weed eater will work as usual.

7. Electrical and battery problems

Weed Eater 3

In a case that your electrical weed trimmer ‘refuses’ to start working, there won’t be any doubt about the reason for this. You won’t go wrong if starting the troubleshooting from the power source.

If the trimmer is switched on, but there is no response, start with checking the most apparent issues. Firstly, you need to check the electric cords and if they are plugged securely into both an electrical outlet and the unit itself.

Secondly, inspect if the electrical outlet is drawing power. The next things for checking are fuses, circuit breaker, and extension cords to be sure that there are no problems with electric power.

Whatever the cause is, you will quickly solve it, and then continue with mowing your lawn.

To Summarize What You Need To Do Before Using Your Unit

To Summarize What You Need To Do Before Using Your Unit

Spring is coming, and you need to check if your weed eater is prepared for the new season. Don’t forget to:

  • Mix gas and oil in the proper ratio
  • Clean all the dust from air filters
  • Clean or replace the spark plugs and check the gap
  • Check if there are any cracks on the primer bulbs
  • Clean your carburetor or replace it if necessary
  • If you have an electric unit, inspect all electrical sources, including fuses, circuit breaker, as well as extension cords


In the end, I want to tell you one more thing. If you want your unit to work without any difficulties, you should clean and prepare it before storing it at the end of the mowing season.

Clean your weed eater properly and find a dry and convenient place where you will place it until the next use. That way, you will use your little machine for a long time without so many troubles. Enjoy the upcoming spring!

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