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160cc vs 190cc Lawn Mower Engine: What’s the Difference?

160cc vs 190cc Lawn Mower Engine: What’s the Difference?

A Lawn Mower is definitely one of the most crucial tools when it comes to keeping our yards looking astonishing. There’s also something very satisfying when you finish mowing your lawn, and the smell of fresh grass reaches your nostrils.

Although, you probably asked yourself at one point, what makes for a good lawn mower? Well, we’re here to help you understand the differences between 160cc and 190cc Lawn Mower Engines.

Our article will help you make the right choice on your next purchase in the gardening section.

We Should Also Clarify: What is cc?

When it comes to lawn mower engines, the term cc means “cubic centimeters.” It’s a measurement of the capacity of the cylinder that is located within the engine while the piston is at the bottom.

Both 160cc and 190cc engines are meant to take on heavy mowing duties. While they both serve the same purpose generally, they excel at different things, which depends on the type of lawn you own.

Which Lawn Mower generates more power?

Which Lawn Mower generates more power

People usually believe that the lawn mower with more cc is the one that generates more power. I mean, I also used to believe this, but it’s not that simple. So what are the main situations each lawn mower strives in?

160cc Lawn Mower Engine will serve you very well in most situations. They’re also pretty reliable when it comes to high grass and inclines. The main problem with the 160cc one is the wet grass. We’ve noticed that this engine struggles in these situations, and that’s when you need the 190cc one.

Even if 190cc Lawn Mower Engine is capable of producing slightly more power, that isn’t really the difference maker between the two of them. This type of lawn mower engine strives when mowing wet grass when compared to the 160cc Lawn Mower Engine. Also, the blades of the larger engine take less damage than the smaller one, so you won’t need to sharpen the blades as often on the 190cc engine.

Torque Comparison

For those of you who aren’t familiar with torque, it’s basically the turning force of the blades.

There are a few things that the torque of your lawn mower depends on, and first and foremost is the engine displacement. You should definitely know how much torque the lawn mower can produce before making a purchase.

So, which Lawn Mower Engine of the two provides more torque? Well, the answer is pretty simple.

  • 160cc Lawn Mower Engine will, in general, generate less torque. The smaller engine will always do a good job when it comes to smaller lawns. The torque that this lawn mower generates is usually enough for most mowing situations, but not all. That’s why we don’t think it is a good idea to go with this option if you have lots of grass to cut.
  • 190cc Lawn Mower Engine is the way to go if you want a smoother and faster operation. If you own a more extensive and rough lawn, the larger engine will in no doubt do a better job than the 160cc engine.


While it’s easy to say that the faster, smoother, and more powerful lawn mower will finish the job more rapidly, it’s safe to say that we need to take a look at all the factors.

  • The 160cc engine is the underdog between the two when it comes to mowing speed. But if your lawn isn’t that large and you don’t have that many rough areas, this engine will do a decent enough job for sure.
  • While the 190cc engine will go quicker and smoother, you can’t notice a big difference in run-time if your lawn is small. But when you have a large yard to mow, that’s when you’ll need the 190cc lawn mower. That’s when a larger engine really makes the difference in speed compared to the 160cc one.

Fuel consumption is also a factor here, and we’ll cover that in a second. But even though the 190cc one consumes more fuel, he can deliver the task faster, and you won’t notice that much of a difference there anyways.

Fuel Consumption

Fuel Consumption

While we already learned that the larger engine would produce more power and torque, there usually comes a price with this. It’s common knowledge that the more powerful engine consumes more fuel, which is pretty logical if you ask me. Of course, everything has its flaws and advantages.

  • The 160cc Lawn Mower Engine completes most of the tasks that the 190cc one does at lower fuel consumption. It’s usually the specific conditions that require you to purchase the lawn mower with the larger engine, but otherwise, there’s no reason to do so.
  • While the fuel consumption differences might not be that big when you look at them, the 190cc Lawn Mower Engine will definitely use up more fuel in the long run. So unless you have a very large lawn or your grass is usually wet when you need to mow, the smaller engine will finish the job with pure satisfaction.

Maintenance Cost

While it’s common sense to think that the 190cc engine will have a higher maintenance cost, those are not the factors that come into play, other than fuel consumption, at least.

While the 160cc Lawn Mower Engine will cost less to maintain due to lower fuel consumption, there aren’t differences other than that between the engines. Usually, the price and the maintenance cost will depend on the Lawn Mower model, not the size of the machine.

Leaf Mulching or Bagging

If you were ever wondering why lawn mowers need more power if they all cut the grass the same way, let me explain.

If your yard doesn’t have rough areas and you usually don’t need to leaf mulch or bag, having a more powerful lawn mower engine won’t make that much of a difference.

Although, if it’s the other way around, the 190cc engine will prove to be the right choice in no time.

  • The 160cc Lawn Mower may have problems with clogging while dealing with rougher terrains, and that’s one of the last things you want to happen when you’re mowing your lawn.
  • However, the 190cc one won’t have problems with clogging or stalling out because the engine’s power will make even the toughest of tasks seem very easy.

Price Range

When looking at the 160cc Lawn Mower, the average prices go from $180 to $300, and some of the most popular brands for machines of this size are GreenWorks, Honda, and PowerSmart. They’re definitely cheaper than their larger counterparts.

The 190cc Lawn Mower’s prices start from about $250, and they can reach up to $800. You can notice the significant difference in price between the two. Honda is also a famous brand for lawn mowers of this size, while some others are Toro and Briggs & Stratton.

Good to Know

Good to Know

We talked a lot about “cc” differences between the two engines, and that’s not the only thing you should be looking at when you’re looking to buy a reliable Lawn Mower.

Compression Ratio

Compression Ratio is another good thing to know besides cc. The Compression Ratio also affects the engine’s power, and it’s a pretty important factor that can make a difference.

The Compression Ratio is measured between the piston volume when it is on the top and the piston volume when it is on the bottom after each gas compression.

Engine parts can usually make a compression ratio difference. Having stronger engine parts will make a better compression ratio.

Even if your engine has more “cc” but less compression ratio, it may actually produce less power than the engine with less “cc” but a higher compression ratio. So, don’t forget to look at this as well when purchasing your new lawn mower.

Home or Commercial Use

Commercial engines have shown much more quality compared to home-use lawn mowers. No matter the engine displacement, a commercial lawn mower engine will offer you more durability in the long run, without a doubt.

Commercial use engines also provide more features than home-use ones. A longer lifespan and more features are what you can expect from commercial lawn mower engines.


Both of these Lawn Mower engines are good in their own way. Every lawn is different in its own way, and that’s how you know which one to purchase.

  • 160cc Lawn Mower Engine – Lower Fuel Consumption, Better for Smaller Lawns, Not Good on Rough Terrain
  • 190cc Lawn Mower Engine – Higher Fuel Consumption, Produces more Power and Torque, Good for Larger Lawns, Great for Rougher Terrains, and Leaf Mulching or Bagging

Feel free to comment down below if you have any questions about Lawn Mower types, and we will answer in no time. Let us know if we helped you make a choice!

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