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How to Store a Weed Eater?

How to Store a Weed Eater?

Believe it or not, storing your electric weed eater is a bit different than storing cordless weed eater or gas weed eater for example.

However, unlike keeping more large units such as riding lawn mower or self-propelled lawn mower, you will need much less space to store your weed eater. Let’s see.

Why an Excellent Storing of Weed Eater Is Crucial

Why an Excellent Storing of Weed Eater Is Crucial

For example, if you have a gas-powered model, you should prepare and clean it before storing. Also, in this case, you need to take care of a mixture of gas and oil you use to run your unit. Always keep in mind that this mix has a limited shelf life, and it will be probably useless at the beginning of the new season.

On the other hand, if your weed eater is battery powered, maybe you should think about keeping its battery out of the device while storing it, especially during winter.

However, both of them need to be stored on a shelf, hanged on the wall, or you can simply put them left flat on the garage’s tool rack far away from moisture, open flames, sparks, and without risk of freezing.

Depending on the method of storing your small device, you can have both weed eater in good shape and a well-organized garage with a lot of free floor space around.

If you keep your unit safe and protect it from damage during the period when it is out of use, you can count to use it for a very long time. Let’s see how to do it most effectively.

What to Do

When I decided that hanging holders for my weed eater are the best solution for me, my husband made the construction by using a piece of plywood. It was an easy job, and he spent just a couple of hours to finish it.

However, you can’t drill holes randomly. It is always better to observe your garage, do some necessary measuring, and find the place where you can hang your weed eater in a period while you don’t use it.

For example, I wanted to keep my unit in one empty corner. Unfortunately, after comparing the length of the eater and the place I believed that was perfect for this purpose, my husband found out that there was not enough space. Could you imagine how much time and effort we would have lost if he hadn’t measured the place in advance?

One more thing! If you have children, especially curious boys who adore tools, the location you choose for your device should be placed as higher as you can reach.

If you have a closet shelf, choose it as a perfect place for storing your weed eater. Just put your unit inside or use at least two brackets with curves for holding your string trimmer horizontally. Don’t forget to consider the weight of your machine that chosen brackets can hold.

Useful Tips to Properly Storing Your Weed Eater

Useful Tips to Properly Storing Your Weed Eater

1. Cleaning the unit

Before placing your device in the provided and previously prepared place in the garage, you need to clean it. Start with removing all of the debris you can see, especially those from the head of your weed eater and around the nylon string.

That means that you shouldn’t leave any grass, dirt, dust, or rocks there if you want to use the machine the next season comfortably and without any inconvenient surprises. That way, your unit will be well-prepared for spring, and it will last much longer.

2. Clean your weed eater

You should use a stiff whisk broom for that purpose, and rinse the entire device with a power sprayer afterward. Also, the excellent tip is to use an old toothbrush to clean out every crevice and cranny you can reach.

Always try to choose the hard-bristled brush since it is a more practical solution. For example, my neighbor uses a flat-blade screwdriver for that purpose. It is on you to pick out the best solution for you. Don’t forget to do that job outdoors to keep your garage clean and to avoid any additional hard work.

3. Necessary precautions

Before hanging your weed eater to the place that you have designated for its storing, take care that the unit is entirely cold. Placing a machine near the cold wall before cooling out can cause engine damage.

If you have a gas powered unit, the wise decision is to empty the fuel tank before hanging it for the winter. Otherwise, if you have an electric trimmer, checking the spark plugs is a mandatory job. Also, you should clean the air filter as well as the edger’s handle and shaft.

As I have already said, only the proper maintenance can secure that your unit will be prepared for the new season well.

The Best Storage Options

There are a few options to store your weed eater, but it seems that two of them are the most practical for most people.

a). Closet shelf brackets

This method is convenient if you have no much space in your garage and implies creating a horizontal cradle for your unit.

Purchase a set of reliable closet shelf brackets and hung your unit on them at any wall of your garage. The only thing you need to care about is to find a place which is both within reach and out of the way at the same time.

b). Custom slotted rack 

You can make this practical shelf by yourself and design it for your garage, or you can simply buy one in the local store. It is an efficient solution for storing tools, including your weed eater.

Buy a 0.75 inches (2 cm) piece of plywood measuring 34 × 12 inches (85 × 30 cm). Use a power saw to make a shelf. Don’t forget to measure the wall in a preferred place before starting cutting to make sure that your shelf will fit well into that space.

This rack is large enough for you to store every model of a weed eater vertically. Plus, you will have enough extra space for most of the other tools that you regularly use to maintain your yard, including leaf blowers, rakes, and shovels.

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